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Carpe Jugulum

Please note:  This production includes the use of pyrotechnics (bangs and flashes, not strobe lighting)

In Ghat they believe in vampire watermelons, although folklore is silent about what they believe about vampire watermelons.  Possibly they suck back...

The de Magpyrs are the sort of vampires that would have Count Dracula spinning in his grave: modern, forward-looking and no longer afraid of holy water, garlic, religious symbols or, indeed, of anything else.  This makes them very, very dangerous. Luckily for the Discworld, the three Lancre witches are on hand - and the battle is on!

Terry Pratchett’s world famous witches are back! Following on from our successful productions of Wyrd Sisters and Maskerade, The People’s Theatre, in collaboration with Young People’s Theatre, are proud to present Carpe Jugulum (Latin: “seize the throat”) following the lives of Lancrastrians Nanny Ogg, Magret, Agnes Nitt and Granny Weatherwax as they defend the kingdom from the undead.



Photos by Jerry Cooper

Nanny Ogg Marina Cornish
Granny Weatherwax Kath Frazer
Count de Magpyr Mark Buckley
Countess de Magpyr Kate Smith
Youth Theatre (some parts alternate evenings)
The Expert Laura Moreby
Agnes Nitt Jess Rootham/Lauren Gillen
Perdita X Nitt Jess Smith
Vlad de Magpyr Arthur Thorpe/Dylan Knight
Lacrimosa de Magpyr Nuala Schweppe/Eloise Smart
Igor Vicky Nibbs/Anna Robinson
Rev Mightily Oats Michael Critchlaw/Simon Stuart
Shawn Ogg & Demone Liberty Smart
Magrat Garlick Kate Ford/Bethany Neilson
Jason Ogg & Gertrude Amber Usher
Millie Chillum Megan Watt
Verence II Alex Crozier
Mrs Scorbic Sarah Morrow
Waynetta Ogg Lizzie Dillon
Beryl Ogg Kirsty Farr
Sgt Kraput & Bestiality Carter Freddie Bouch
Cpl Svitz & Mayor of Escrow Patrick Bouch
Petra Nina Kulmasova
Krimson Celia Bouch
Gretel Iona Jenkins
The Old Count Philip Ellacott
Creative Team  
Director Sarah McLane
Assistant Director (YT) Cassie Fletcher
Stage Mnager Michael Cornish
ASM (YT) Lara Cowler
Lighting Design Tim Swinton
Lighting Operator (YT) Jake Type
Sound Design John Carr & Mike Cornish
Sound Operator (YT) David Ward
Designer Martin Collins
Costume Design Paula Smart
Properties Caroline Bavin
Stage (YT) Eve Kulmasova, Grace Dickson, Rachel Kirk





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