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King Lear

In entrusting his kingdom to his daughters, an ageing father turns his family, his world and ultimately his mind upside down.  Within the great epic sweep of his tragedy, Shakespeare's pen captures a nightmare vision of human decadence, decay and deceit.

The eponymous king is the most transformed of Shekespeare's tragic protagonists in a play that is perhaps his greatest drama but is also the most harrowing, despairing and the most graphic in its cruelty.  We are pleased to bring the Bard's masterpiece back to our stage for the fourth time in our 102-year history.

For David Whetstone's review in The Journal, click here


Production Photographs by Jim Mohan


Lear Tony Childs
Goneril Rye Mattick
Regan Sarah Scott
Cordelia Emma Jane Richards
Kent Mike Smith
Gloucester Stephen Noone
Edmund Sam Hinton
Edgar Sean Burnside
Albany Roger Liddle
Cornwall Stuart Laidler
Oswald Liam Scarth
Lear's Fool Joanne Kelly
Ensemble Andy Aiken, Lwis Cuthbert, Eileen Davidson, Mitch Donaldson, Paul Gaitskell, Jessica Hannah, Patrick Robertson, David Robson, Kate Smith, Mick Smith, Rhiannon Wilson
Stage Design Tim Swinton
Master Builder Stephen Harrison
Lighting Design Dave Bailey
Sound & Graphics Martin Collins, Richard Davidson
Props Caroline Bavin, Wendy Bennett, Jessica Chapman
Wardrobe Dianne Edwards
Set Painting Adam de Vere, Jacob Ellis, Andrew Patterson, Emma Savage
Lighting Karen Dales, Lisa Harrison, Harriet Tarpy
Stage Crew Dave Harvey, Stuart Dives, James Smith and Members of the Cast
Production Team  
Director Chris Heckels
Assistant Director Sarah Davison
Stage Manager Lesley Thompson
ASM Pamela Birleson
Rehearsal Prompt Catherine Edwards
Voice Work Patsy Burn & Paul Carding
Fight Choreography Tim Bennett








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