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Fair is foul, and foul is fair. 

In one of the most searing portrayals of evil ever written, Shakespeare examines the dangers of ambition, the means by which a country and an individual can disintegrate, and the potentially overwhelming power of the human conscience.

Loosely based on the story of a historical warrior Scot, his assassination of the king and usurpation of the throne, Macbeth strikes a harrowing balance between an intense study of the human psyche and the brutal realities of power.

Part supernatural horror, part bloodthirsty tragedy, this Jacobean masterpiece continues to enthral as a timeless warning against political tyranny. 


Production Photographs by Jim Mohan

First Witch Sara Harrison Dowd
Second Witch Penny Lamport
Third Witch Anne Cater
Duncan, King of Scotland Kevin Gibson
Malcolm, his son Jacob Ellis
A Captain Ricky Shah
Lennox Robin Tudge
Ross Theo Hornsey
Macbeth Jonny Lavelle
Banquo Craig Fairbairn
Angus Bill Harrington
Lady Macbeth Sarah Scott
Messenger Don Macdonald
Fleance, Banquo's son Arthur Thorpe
A Porter Ricky Shah
Macduff Matthew Hope
Donalbain, Duncan's Son Alex Blenkey
Seyton, Macbeth's servant Ricky Shah
First Murderer Don Macdonald
Second Murderer Ricky Harris
Lady Macduff Sarah Davison
Lady Macduff's son Lewis Brannen/Lewis Gammer
Lady Macduff's daughter Katie Maloney/Polly Chedgzoy
A servant Gavin Mills
Lady Macduff's murderers James Stobo, Colin Jeffrey
A Doctor Kevin Gibson
Gentlewoman Anne Cater
A servant Darren Wilkinson
A messenger Colin Jeffrey
Young Siward Alex Blenkey
Production and Technical Team  
Directors Brian Green, Sue Hinton, the Cast
Stage Manager Marina Cornish
Deputy Stage Manager Ron Jobling
Wardrobe Dianne Edwards, June Green
Set Design Leah Page
Set Team Stuart Dives
Set Construction Sands Dobson, Josh Gray, Joshua Gellert, Orr Yoeli-Rimmer, Geffan Yoeli-Rimmer, Peter Harrison
Lighting Design

Tom Saunders with Dave Bailey, Karen Dales

Lighting Team
Kirsten Murray-Borbjerg, Neringa Stonyte, Izzie Waugh
Sound Design and Operation Michael Cornish
Properties Wendy Bennett, Caroline Bavin, Karen Kelly, Pat Haggerty
Fight Arranger John Macdonald
Music arranged by Mark Colley
Musicians Catherine Edwards, Dianne Edwards
Prompt June Green


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