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Coming soon in the Foyer Gallery

Our upcoming exhibition is PAINTERLY CONNECTIONS: Dave Barden & Mike Jarvis

PREVIEW: Monday 4 October 2021, 6.30pm

DATES: Tuesday 5 October - Friday 3 December 2021 (see below for viewing times)

Dave Barden and Mike Jarvis have enjoyed a mutual fascination with the practice of painting over many years. Both artists have a natural connection through this shared and diverse work and their extended dialogue has resulted in their first exhibition together at the People’s Theatre.

The selection of work is designed to highlight the distinctive approaches to painting adopted by Dave and Mike. An underlying curiosity about the world is at the core of the pieces on show, whether from direct observation or from a particular memory recalled and relived.

Dave Barden

Born in Sheffield, Dave studied painting at Sheffield College of Art. He moved to the North East in 1974 to teach Fine Art at Northumbria University. He lives and works in Hexham. Well known for his work on Olympic sport and  jazz music, he recently began to explore subject matter based on experiences of visiting Italy where he and his wife, Ali, have a house. Though recent events have restricted foreign travel, Dave has continued to develop imagery derived from the urban landscape of the "hill towns" in Umbria and Tuscany, utilising an extensive collection of sketch book material and photographs. Closer to home, his interest in architectural details and transient effects of light and shade has been found in more local environments, providing a complementary aspect to his work. In 2011, Dave was artist in residence at the People’s Theatre during its centenary year.

Mike Jarvis

Mike Jarvis has worked as a primary teacher and university lecturer as a background to his painting practice. He studied at Lancaster University and wrote a doctoral thesis entitled The Successive ‘Deaths’ of Painting, where he showed that painting is a resilient practice which continually reinvents itself in response to arguments about its demise. “In the paintings of 2020/21 shown here at The People's Theatre, I have sought to record my immediate responses to the experience of traversing different spaces and contours of the landscape, and also to convey something of the textural richness unfolding before me. I think that the individual ‘handwriting’ of the painter can always become a vehicle for expressive action and reflection,” says Mike.


The exhibition is showing from Tuesday 5th October to Friday 3rd December 2021 and can be viewed Monday to Friday 10.30am –1pm. Please check the Box Office is open before making a trip in person

Non performance nights: Monday & Wednesday, 7.30 – 8.30pm.

Performance nights (5th-9th October, 26th-30th October & 23rd-27th November): from 6.30pm.

For information about small group visits and for viewings outside of these hours please email gallery@peoplestheatre.co.uk

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