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A Bunch of Amateurs by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman

10th - 14th May 2022

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 Concessions: £13.00


As a fading Hollywood action movie hero seeks to rescue his ebbing career, his agent lands him a gig playing King Lear in “Stratford”. Unfortunately, rather than the home of the RSC, it’s the wrong Stratford and the hapless star finds himself in a village hall with the local am-dram society.

There can only be trouble in store as the unassuming locals clash with the massive ego, tantrums, and lofty expectations of the petulant diva from Tinseltown.

Adapted for the stage by Ian Hislop ('Private Eye', 'Have I Got News For You') and Nick Newman ('Spitting Image', 'Murder Most Horrid') from their 2008 film, this laugh-out-loud comedy is stuffed with memorable characters and hilarious dialogue as the two extremities of the thespian world collide head-on!


This amateur production of A Bunch of Amateurs is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Dorothy Nettle: Kay Edmundson

Nigel Dewbury: Roger Liddle

Mary Plunkett: Kirstie Corfield

Denis Dobbins: Tony Sehgal

Jefferson Steel: Steve Parry

Lauren Bell: Kate Lundy

Jessica Steel: Sophie Taylor

Stratford Players/Journalists/Dave: Bill Harrington, Stewart Dives, Steve Strouzer, Lauren Aspery, Molly Winton, Abigail Martin, Jo Murray, Ian Willis, Ben Watkins

Production Team

Director: Steve Hewitt

Assistant Director: Robbie Close

Stage Manager: Lesley Heckels-Thompson

Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Smith

Lighting Design/Operation: Phil Bradley

Sound Design: Kate Scott

Sound Operation: Ronny Miller

Set Design: Megan Smith

Props: Rosa Cole, Mark Buckley, Hope McDonald, Cathrine Moore, Ann Tweedie

Set Build: Alan Potts, Josh Gray

Set Painting: Megan Smith, Ann Tweedie, Andrew De’Ath, Ellie Pullen, Katy Thomas, Kay Mullarkey, Millie Mann

Wardrobe: Julie Tucker & the Wardrobe Team

Rehearsal Prompt: Fiona Davison

With special thanks to Chris Heckels-Thompson, Stuart Scott

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