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The ideal pre-Christmas treat for the whole family! A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Karen Louise Hebden

21st - 25th Nov 2023

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £16.00 Concessions: £13.50 Children: £13.50


"Add in some traditional carols, a cleverly constructed set, and a bunch of talented actors and you have a winning combination" - Break A Leg


"Bah Humbug!"

Miserly Ebeneezer Scrooge is about to have a Christmas Eve like no other, thanks to three ghostly visitors taking him through past, present and future as they try to show him the error of his ways and teach him the power of kindness and compassion.

Written in 1843, Charles Dickens seasonal short story is as popular and enduring as ever. This celebrated stage adaptation sticks closely to Dickens original and includes traditional carols, making it the ideal pre-Christmas treat to get the whole family in the mood for the festive season!


This amateur production of “A Christmas Carol” is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books


Audience information: this production uses haze



Ebenezer Scrooge: Roger Liddle

Fred/Young Scrooge/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/Storyteller 3: Sam Burrell

Bob Cratchit/Storyteller 2/Bailiff 2/ Ghost of Christmas Past: Sean Burnside

Jacob Marley/Storyteller 5/Violin: Tony Sehgal

Ghost of Christmas Present/Storyteller 4: Mark Burden

Belle/Mrs Fred/Storyteller 6: Emma Robson

Storyteller 7/Mrs Thompkins/Man 2: Alison Carr

Storyteller 8/Charwoman/Mrs Fezziwig: Kath Frazer

Charity Man 1/Bailiff 1/ Guitar, Shruti Box, Mandolin: Andy Aiken

Dick Wilkins/Businessman/Charity Man 2: Glen Kingston

Thompkins/Man 1/Fife: Pete McAndrew

Fezziwig/Old Joe: Andrew De’Ath

Young Marley/Peter Cratchit/Topper/Businessman: Lukas Cordes

Mrs Cratchit/Ensemble: Emily Jeffrey

Fanny/Ensemble: Ginny Leigh

Miss Dora/Ensemble: Lydia Anne Denny

Mrs Dilber: Sue Hinton

Tiny Tim/Master Fezziwig: Gilbert Simpson

Martha Cratchit/Miss Fezziwig: Libby Burden

Belinda Cratchit/Miss Fezziwig: Lucy McPherson

Young Ebeneezer/Turkey Boy/Master Fezziwig: Dexter Brissenden-Lang

Production Team

Director: Anna Dobson

Movement Director: Maya Torres

Stage Manager: Catherine Hope

Assistant Stage Manger: Megan Hewitt

Set Design/Master Builder: Sands Dobson

Lighting Design/Operator: Claire Brissenden

Wardrobe: Julie Tucker, Sara Jo Harrison

Sound/Singing Coach: Kate Scott

Props: Maggie Childs

Set Painting: Kaila Moyers, Stewart Dives, Jonathan Goodman, Elaine Wittert, Joan Bramell, Laurie Dives, Theo Dives, Anneliese Clifton

Rehearsal Prompt: Lauren Allison

Prop Making Team: Maggie Childs, Stewart Dives, Minnie Dobson, Emmy Dobson, Sean Burnside, Anna Dobson, Seb Scott, Emma Robson, Mark Burden, Libby Burden, Gilbert Simpson, Helga McNeil, Debbie Higgins, Martin Collins, Emma Jones, Matthew Baines, Kay Worswick, Jess Williams, Abigail Martin

Puppet Making: Stewart Dives

Set Building: Sands Dobson, Matthew Baines, Mark Burden

Set Painting: Stewart Dives

Set Dressing: Maggie Childs, Karen Elliott

Lighting Assistants: Jim Boylan, Joseph Ingram

Backstage Assistant: Matthew Baines

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