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Abigail's Party by Mike Leigh

8th - 12th Feb 2022

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 Concessions: £13.00


"comic gold" - NE Theatre

“ … what a triumph. Get a ticket or miss out big time” - audience member

“ ... one of the best shows I've seen at the People's. Absolutely hilarious and the performances are all wonderful. Go and see.” - audience member


Ever since its inception in 1977, first at the Hampstead Theatre, then BBC television’s Play for Today, then the West End, Mike Leigh’s hilarious take on middle class suburban values has been a cult classic.

Offering a relentlessly uncomfortable yet laugh-out-loud look at strained relationships and awkward social situations, this modern comedy of bad manners has lost none of its power over the years, and remains a wry observation of the gauche, aspirational bourgeoisie.

So come on in, pull up a chair, and let hostess-from-hell Beverly offer you a “cheesy pineapple thing” while she humiliates her hapless husband Laurence, all to a soundtrack by Demis Roussos.      


This amateur production of “Abigail's Party” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Beverly: Anna Dobson

Laurence: Sean Burnside

Angela: Emma Jane Robson

Tony: Mark Burden

Susan: Alison Carr

Production Team

Director: Sam Hinton

Assistant Director: Kath Frazer

Stage Manager: Sasha Quigg

Assistant Stage Manager: Daniel Magee

Set Design: Claire Leighton

Set Build Lead: Alan Potts

Set Building/Painting: Josh Gray Ruth Gibson Sam Hinton Claire Leighton Sasha Quigg Hope McDonald Cj Zangerle Murray

Lighting Design: Tim Swinton

Sound Design: Tim Swinton

Costumes: Paula Smart

Props: Maggie Childs Ann Tweedie Hope McDonald Claire Leighton

Rehearsal Prompt: Catherine Hope

Understudy: Sara Jo Harrison

Thanks to RPM Music for loan of record player.

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