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Love, music and passion in this classic epic love story Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernières, adapted by Rona Munro

18th - 22nd Jul 2023

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £16.00 Concessions: £13.50


It’s 1941 and Captain Corelli, an enigmatic young Italian officer, arrives on the sun-soaked Greek island of Cephalonia. Initially shunned by the locals, he proves to be civilised, humorous – and an excellent musician. When Corelli is thrown together with the quick-witted and headstrong Pelagia, they discover all of the complexities of love and how it can bloom in the most unexpected way.

Rona Munro’s ambitious adaptation of Bernières bestselling novel dazzlingly captures all of the passion and poetry of this epic love story.


This amateur production of “Captain Corelli's Mandolin” is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.



Dr. Iannis: Jim Boylan

Pelagia, his daughter: Geffen Yoeli-Rimmer

Captain Antonio Corelli: Tony Sehgal

Carlo, an Italian soldier: Alex Cottrial

Francesco, an Italian soldier: Conor McCahill

Drosoula, a Greek matriarch: Eileen Davidson

Mandras, her son: Chris Neal

Velisarios, circus performer: Bill Harrington

Lemoni, a Kefalonian: Abbie Martin

Young Iannis: Madeleine Quinn

Gunter, the German Commander: Harry Valentine

Priest: Steve Strouzer

Goat puppeteer: Sophie Taylor

Ensemble of Greeks, Italians and Germans: Martin Collins, Dee Edmunds, Margaret Hampton-Matthews, Conor McCahill, Madeleine Quinn, Juliette Scott-Foss, Charlotte Smith, Jacob Smith, Gavinder Srai, Steve Strouzer, Sophie Taylor, Ethan Walton, Christine Wilson

News Announcer: Stuart Scott

Production Team

Directors: Brian Green, Karen Elliott, Jack Davidson, Cast

Stage Manager: Marina Cornish

ASM: Vanessa Aiken

Lighting Design & Operation: Claire Brissenden

Sound Design & Operation: Kate Scott

Wardrobe: Dianne Edwards, with Heather Allan, Luke McVeigh, Chloe Parrack

Set Build: Josh Gray, Alan Potts, Anneliese Clifton, Karen Elliott

Painting Anneliese Clifton with Maggie Childs Rachel Potts Judith Proctor Caspin Reeves Elaine Wittert

Properties: Karen Elliott, Lizzie Harrington, Kate Cartmell Done, Cathrine Moore

Rehearsal Prompt: Heather Birleson

Choreography, Singing: Jack Davidson

Pyros: Daniel Magee, Kate Cartmell Done

Puppets: Mark Danbury

Publicity Photographs: Lauren Aspery, Paul Hood

Special thanks to: David Dent, Adam Thompson

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