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A sharply funny rollercoaster of a thriller Deathtrap by Ira Levin

17th - 21st Jan 2023

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 Concessions: £13.00


Once-successful Broadway thriller writer Sidney Bruhl is now a washed-up hack on the skids. But when a young unknown playwright gives him a copy of a thriller for some input, Bruhl sees an opportunity to resurrect his career … but how far is he willing to go to get back on top?

Ira Levin’s hugely successful 1978 play remains the longest-running thriller ever to have run on Broadway; it also ran in the West End for a solid three years and was made into a Hollywood movie.

A rollercoaster that alternately terrifies and amuses, this sharply funny thriller promises to be the perfect winter warmer that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seats!


This amateur production of “Deathtrap” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Sidney Bruhl: Bill Harrington

Myra Bruhl: Elizabeth Hack

Clifford Anderson: Adam Cummins

Helga Ten Dorp: Helga McNeil

Porter Milgrim: Michael White

Production Team

Director Mark Buckley

Assistant Director Sian Challis

Stage Manager Marina Cornish

Assistant Stage Manager Ellie Pullen

Lighting Design Glen Maddison

Lighting Crew/Operation Robbie Close Karen Dales Glen Maddison

Sound Design Kate Scott Megan Smith

Sound Operation Megan Smith Jess Williams

Props Lead Karen Elliott

Props Team Charlotte Boulton Lizzie Lingard Cathrine Moore

Set Design Sands Dobson

Set Build James Appleby Stephen Appleby Mark Burden Stewart Dives Sands Dobson Joshua Gray Alan Potts

Set Painting Lauren Aspery Phil Bradley Ella Burgess Laurie Dives Stewart Dives Theo Dives Luke Durham Jonathan Goodman Phoebe Hallett Debbie Higgins Sam Hinton Eloise Linford Kate Lundy Pete McAndrew Kaila Moyers Alan Potts Judith Proctor Ellie Pullen Vinny Simpson Steve Strouzer Marlene Vincenten Jess Williams

Set Crew Craig Fairbairn Roger Liddle Daniel Magee Vinny Simpson Harry Valentine Ben Watkins

Costume Dianne Edwards

Hair by Wiggy

Rehearsal Prompt Heather Birleson

Publicity Photos Jess Chapman Ellie Pullen

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