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Double bill
Five Kinds of Silence by Shelagh Stephenson The Zoo Storyby Edward Albee

27th - 31st Oct 2015

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £13.50 Concessions: £11.00

Notes: Plays contain adult themes for 18+ audiences and strong language


This Studio Theatre double bill presents two hard-hitting dramas exploring the downside of modern life. Shelagh Stephenson’s Five Kinds of Silence tells the brutal story of a family controlled and bonded by abuse.

Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story explores isolation, social disparity, and dehumanisation in an uncaring commercial world.

Both plays are unflinching in their often disturbing view of a distorted world. Each writer broaches difficult subjects with brilliance, truthfulness, and glimmers of ironic humour amidst relentless dramatic suspense.

Five Kinds of Silence - Cast

Billy - Gordon Russell

Mary - Val Russell

Susan - Anna Dobson

Janet - Nicky White

Policeman/Psychiatrist - Patrick Robertson

Detective/Lawyer - Steve Strouzer

Inspector/Psychiatrist - Sue Hingley

Lawyer - Kristy Clark

Production Team

Director - Kath Frazer

Assistant Director - Joe McLaughlin

Designer - Wendy Bennett

Production Assistant - Kay Worswick

The Zoo Story - Cast

Jerry - Stuart Douglas

Peter - Sean Burnside

Production Team

Director - Maggie Watson

Designer - Ian Willis

Technical Team

Production Manager - Pamela Harris

Wardrobe - Sarah Pearson

Lighting Design - Nicola Gardner

Sound Design - Lisa BaileyCrewDave Bailey, Lisa Bailey, Karen Dales, Danielle Rowlandson, Stuart Taylor, Ian Willis

Set Builder - Sands Dobson

Props - Cathrine Moore

Publicity Photographs - Paula Smart

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