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Eclipse by Simon Armitage

25th - 27th Feb 2016

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £10.00 Concessions: £7.00


Six friends are interviewed by the police after the disappearance of Lucy Lime, a strange unnerving girl whom they met beneath the cliffs on a Cornish beach, just before the total eclipse of the sun. What happened to her, what happened to them?

2016 sees the National Theatre Connections Festival mark its 21st year. To celebrate, they have selected 12 plays from previous years and 500 youth theatres and school groups to perform, involving more young people than ever in making theatre.

The playwright Simon Armitage is Professor of Poetry at the University of Sheffield and the University of Oxford. The language of the play therefore will be a great challenge for our Young People’s Theatre members and is an excellent chance for us to tell this interesting and unusual tale.


  • Klondike - Ross Muscroft
  • Tulip - Anna Chidlow
  • Polly - Polly Chedgzoy
  • Jane - Aphra Holland Bennett
  • Midnight - Lewis Gammer
  • Glue Boy - Tom Hall
  • Lucy Lime - Rheanne Boothoyd
  • The Limettes - Abi Featherstone, Rhian Usher
  • Voice - Steve Hewitt

Production Team

  • Director - Jess Chapman
  • Stage Manager - Pamela Harris
  • Set Design - Anneliese Bibby
  • Lighting Design - Dave Bailey
  • Lighting Crew - Izzy Waugh, James Taylor
  • Wardrobe - Paula Smart
  • Sound Design - Matthew Errington
  • Set Builder - Stuart Taylor
  • Props - Caroline Bavin
  • Publicity Photos - Paula Smart

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