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A sublimely funny and high-spirited romp! Private Lives by Noël Coward

24th - 28th Oct 2023

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £16.00 Concessions: £13.50


“Exquisitely droll, this is an evening of theatre at its very best.” - NETheatre


Divorced couple Elyot and Amanda find themselves reunited while honeymooning with their new partners. Their unexpected meeting on adjoining hotel balconies reignites old passions … and problems! Only days after finding each other again, their fiery romance is once more lurching between love and anger. And when their wronged spouses appear, accusations are hurled, truths revealed and new alliances form.

This classic comedy of manners is packed with Coward’s trademark wit and wordplay. A sublimely funny and high-spirited romp that fizzes with sophistication, fun and sexual chemistry!


Audience information: this play contains derogatory terms, outdated attitudes, physical fighting and a reference to stillbirth. The production contains smoking. 


This amateur production of “Private Lives” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd. www.concordtheatricals.co.uk



Elyot: Sam Hinton

Amanda: Catherine Ellis

Sybil: Natalie Plunga

Victor: Ben Ostell

Louise: Pat Haggerty

Production Team

Director: Gordon Russell

Assistant Director: Tracey Lucas

Stage Manager: Eleanor Pullen

Assistant Stage Manager: Lesley Heckels-Thompson

Wardrobe: Dianne Edwards

Prompt: Melanie Dagg

Properties: Cathrine Moore, Hope McDonald

Set Design: Alan Potts, Gordon Russell

Master Builder: Alan Potts

Set Construction: Alan Potts, Carol J English

Set Concept: Leah Page

Set Painting: Alan Potts, Leah Page, Ellie Pullen, Gordon Russell

Sound Design: Emily Beckett

Sound Operation: Tracey Lucas

Lighting Design and Operation: Philip Bradley

Stage Support: Sands Dobson, Dee Edmunds

Production Photography: Paul Hood

With special thanks to Jim Boylan for the sculpture, Kate Scott for help with sound design and development and Tim Swinton for lighting and sound expertise.

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