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People's Theatre Online Queers curated by Mark Gatiss

6th - 10th Jul 2021

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Tickets: £10.00

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A young soldier returning from the trenches of the First World War recollects a love that dares not speak its name. Almost one hundred years later, a groom-to-be prepares for his gay wedding.

QUEERS is a series of monologues celebrating a century of evolving social attitudes and political milestones in British gay history, from the perspective of people whose lives it affected.

Curated by actor and writer Mark Gatiss (‘Doctor Who, ‘Sherlock’), these poignant, funny, tragic and celebratory rites-of-passage stories cover major events such as the 1957 Wolfenden Report, the HIV/AIDS crisis and the legalisation of same sex marriage.


The Man on the Platform by Mark Gatiss. Performed by Daniel Magee

“’A certain liquidity of the eye.’ That’s how he knew.”

It’s 1917 and young soldier Percy looks back over his friendship with a handsome captain in his regiment during the war.

The Perfect Gentleman by Jackie Clune. Performed by Alison Carr

“One must sit with a wide stance, knees an acre apart as much as to say, ‘I am the Emperor here and you must make room for my enormous appendage’.”

It’s 1929 and Cockney girl Ellen tells us the freedoms and pleasures of living life as top-hat-and-tails wearing Bobby.

Missing Alice by Jon Bradfield. Performed by Eileen Davidson

“I knew right away what he meant. It was like the room shifted.”

It’s 1957 and Alice discovers she has become the respectable cover for her husband’s affairs with men.

I Miss the War by Matthew Baldwin. Performed by Keith Wigham

“My arse was snapping like a Venus flytrap.”

It’s 1967 and West End tailor Jackie is worried about what will be lost when the new Sexual Offences Act decriminalises homosexuality.

More Anger by Brian Fillis. Performed by Adam Thompson

“And that’s when he comes out with it... I’m positive.”

It’s 1987 and actor Phil keeps getting typecast in gay roles, most of which mean his character rarely makes it to the end of the script.

Something Borrowed by Gareth McLean. Performed by Jon Carlile

“Too wordy? Too worthy? Too twee. Too angry? Am I angry? Maybe I should start a fight, set fire to something. Uncle Frank, perhaps.”

It’s 2016 and the day of his fairy tale wedding, but Stephen’s story isn’t like the fairy tales he was raised on.


Filmed by - Jack Thompson and Tim Swinton

Edited by - Jack Thompson

Producer - Philip Bradley

Stage Manager - Lesley Heckels-Thompson

Lighting and Sound - Tim Swinton

Properties - Rye Mattick

Wardrobe - Dianne Edwards

Hair - Wiggy

Thanks to Sue and Peter Hinton for outdoor rehearsal space.

An amateur production presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.


To watch please click 'Make A Booking' at the top of the page or click [HERE]

Once booked, you have 48 hours to watch (until 11.59pm on Saturday 10th July).

The performance has optional subtitles.

Audiences are advised that the plays contain strong language and references to sexual activity.

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