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Young People's Theatre (Studio Theatre) Superglue by Tim Crouch

24th - 26th Feb 2022

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £10.00 Concessions: £8.00


“No nature, no future!”

A group of climate activists gather at a woodland burial ground to say goodbye to a friend who died.

They talk about their pasts and their futures, about peaceful action versus violent action, about how society dismisses them and undervalues their cause.

An emotive, inspiring and thought-provoking production, Superglue also draws parallels between old age and adolescence in a play that gently invites an intergenerational understanding of the future of our planet.

This is the fifth time that our Young People’s Theatre has taken part in the National Theatre Connections Festival. They are, once again, rising to the occasion with maturity and energy.


In association with National Theatre Connections Festival



Lily: Fleur 

Tam: Minnie 

Morgan: Zara 

Mattie: CJ 

Hadley: Anna 

Reece: Emmy 

Clark: Joshua 

Joe: Alistair 

Ensemble: Anna Snell, Karen Elliott, Kay Worswick, Maggie Childs, Pat Haggerty, Sally-Anne Cooper, Steven Robertson, Steve Strouzer

Production Team

Director: Mark Buckley

Assistant Director: Sian Challis

Stage Manager: Marina Cornish

Assistant Stage Manager: Fiona Davison

Sound: Michael Cornish

Lights: Phil Bradley, Tim Swinton

Set Design: Rhiannon Wilson

Set Build: Rhiannon Wilson, Alan Potts, Jess Chapman, Daniel Magee, Stewart Dives, Sasha Quigg, Penny Wilson, Fiona Davison, Ellie Pullen, Maggie Childs, Sian Challis,

Wardrobe: Chloe Parrack

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