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The Hollow by Agatha Christie

18th - 22nd Jan 2022

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £15.00 Concessions: £13.00


All is going well as Sir Henry Angkatell gathers family and friends for a long weekend at his grand rural estate - until a body is found in the garden room.

The stage is set for a detective tale full of intrigue, with murky undertones of domestic jealousy that place everyone from the servants hall up to the drawing room under suspicion.  

Once again we’re proud to present a classic country house whodunnit from the pen of the Queen of Crime as our January winter warmer.

Though the original 1946 novel featured Poirot, Christie adapted her story for the stage by replacing the Belgian sleuth with the tough-talking Inspector Colquhoun of Scotland Yard and his raffish sergeant.

Our January detective drama is always very popular, so make sure you book early! 


This amateur production of “The Hollow” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.



Henrietta Angkatell: Catherine Ellis

Sir Henry Angkatell: Andrew De’Ath

Lady Lucy Angkatell: Kirstie Corfield

Midge Harvey: Geffen Yoeli-Rimmer

Gudgeon, the butler: Steve Strouzer

Edward Angkatell: Ben Ostell

Doris, the housemaid: Katie McLaren

Dr John Cristow: Pete McAndrew

Gerda Cristow: Sarah McLane

Veronica Craye: Natalie Plunga

Inspector Colquhoun: Steve Hewitt

Sergeant Penny: Karl Bovenizer

Understudies: Rosa Cole, Craig Fairbairn, Jess Chapman, Karen Elliott, Fiona Davison

Production Team

Directed by Andy Aiken, Jake Wilson Craw and the company

Stage manager: Sam Emerson

Assistant stage manager: Jez Corfield

Set designer: Precious Oyibo

Set builder: Alan Potts

Set painters: Daniel Magee, Rye Mattick, Philip Bradley, Alisha Briggs Peart

Lighting designer: Robbie Close

Lighting operator: Cj Zangerle Murray

Sound designer: Tom Zunder

Sound operator: Megan Smith

Props: Cathrine Moore

Wardrobe: Sarah Pearson

Rehearsal prompt: Margaret Hampton-Matthews

Special thanks to: Sally-Anne Cooper, Chris Carr, Roger Ackroyd. Some sounds used with permission from: fesliyanstudios.com quicksounds.com soundbible.com v.gd/berlinatmo tabletopaudio.com

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