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Young People's Theatre Through the Looking Glass adapted from the novel by Lewis Carroll

10th - 12th Nov 2022

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £10.00 Concessions: £8.00 Children: £8.00


In this sequel to ‘Alice in Wonderland’, we invite you to join us in a whimsical world where nothing is real. Where truth is a lie and lies are truth. Fake news indeed!

A world where words have no intrinsic meaning but serve whatever purpose the person who utters them desires. Sound familiar?

A world packed full of fantastical wit and dazzling imagination, where nursery rhyme characters such as Humpty Dumpty are real, but life is a dream.  Or is it the other way round? Come along and decide for yourself!


Adapted for this Young People’s Theatre production by Philip Bradley from the novel by Lewis Carroll.



Alice: Fleur 

Tiger Lily/Haigha: Katie 

Rose/White Knight: Ethan 

Daisy 1/ Passenger 3: Serenna 

Daisy 2: Gaia 

Red Queen: Zara 

Guard/ Doorman: Scarlett 

Passenger 1/Lion: Zoe 

Passenger 2/Unicorn: Keira 

Butterfly Collector/ Red Knight: William 

Tweedledum: CJ 

Tweedledee: Nathan 

White Queen/Sheep: Isabella 

Humpty Dumpty: Rosie 

White King: Emmy 

Production Team

Director: Philip Bradley

Assistant Director: Minnie Dobson

Sound: Michael Cornish

Lights: Philip Bradley

Wardrobe: Dianne Edwards

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