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A whirlwind of love triangles, longing and mistaken identities! Twelfth Night (Studio Theatre) by William Shakespeare

27th Mar - 1st Apr 2023

Event info

Start Times: 2.00pm, 7.30pm

Tickets: £16.00 Concessions: £13.50


Grab your wellies and your tent, and join us at the Illyria Festival where headliner Olivia is about to fall in love with Viola. Who she thinks is a man called Cesario. Viola, though, is head-over-heels for Orsino. And that’s just the start of it …

Meanwhile, Sirs Toby and Andrew are propped up in the beer tent with Maria who’s plotting her revenge, Feste is tuning up for the open mic, Malvolio is pining over Olivia, and Sebastian … don’t even get us started on Sebastian. He’s Viola’s twin (separated in a storm and now thinking each other are dead), pursued by Antonio and about to turn up to add to the confusion.

Mud, music and passions swirl in Shakespeare’s whirlwind comedy full of longing, loss, love triangles and mistaken identities!



Count Orsino: Sophie Taylor

Lady Olivia: Emma Robson

Viola: Alex Burns

Sebastian: Sean Burnside

Antonia: Brooke Milburn

Maria: Alison Carr

Sir Toby Belch: Moira Valentine

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Sam Burrell

Malvolio: Anna Dobson

Feste: Jo McGarry

Fabian: Ruth Gibson

Servant: Daisy Burden

Valentine: Minnie Dobson

Curio: Grace Dunt

Officer 1: Molli Lloyd-James

Officer 2: Nick Bradshaw-Hughes

Captain / Priest: Steve Strouzer

Ensemble: Eleanor Brophy, Emily Beckett, Erica Savage

Production Team

Director: Sam Hinton

Assistant Director: Kath Frazer

Stage Manager: Tracey Lucas

Assistant Stage Manager / Sound: Panos Ioannou

Lights: Claire Brissenden

Props: Rosa Cole, Hope McDonald, Andrea Hulme

Set Build: Sands Hope Dobson, Luke Durham

Costumes: Sarah Pearson

Rehearsal Prompt: Cat White

Movement: Julie Bowman

Script Consultant: Sue Hinton

Set Design: Claire Leighton

Special thanks to Thomas Brumby for original score

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