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Photo of the Main Stage

Main Stage


The main auditorium is an attractive theatre space with 480 seats.

There is a large, flat stage with wing space and a flying gallery, and professional lighting and sound facilities.

The auditorium could be used for theatrical performances, or as the centrepiece for conferences or celebration events, such as weddings.

Our seating plan and stage dimensions are shown here.

The full technical specification is available here.


There is step-free access to the main stage auditorium for the audience and to the stage for actors and crew. There is no step-free access to the dressing rooms or under-stage area.

Technical Specification

The People's Theatre Main Stage presents a proscenium arch stage at mid-stage.

Technical Specification document

A 480 seat raked auditorium. (+ 5 seat wheelchair bay)

15m full stage depth from curved, back-wall Cyc to front apron.

10m from Cyc to mid-stage proscenium arch (“up-stage”)

5m from mid-stage proscenium arch to thrust apron (“fore-stage”)

10.3m width at mid-stage proscenium arch.

Widens to 12m width at down-stage ‘wing’ apron.

3.6m forestage depth from pros arch to down-stage ‘wing’ apron.

1.4m forestage depth from down-stage ‘wing’ apron-line to down-stage central thrust.

Central thrust approx. 8m width

Proscenium arch height generally placed at 5m height.

Stage height from auditorium floor 0.75m

(treads from apron wings to auditorium floor for access available)

Large scene dock, set-prep and temporary storage directly into props area leading into ST/L wings.


To hire the theatre you will need to fill in one of our Production sheets to give to the Venue Manager.