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Sing United: This Land Is Mine

22nd Mar 2019

Event info

Start Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £13.00 Children: £10.00


Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by mining the land and discovering what lies underneath. Their working lives are filled with stories of hard labour, deep friendships forged in dangerous conditions, and an ever-changing industrial landscape. Their personal lives are families laced with both constant worry and huge pride.

These are their songs. 

The stories of Wales will be represented by the incredibly catchy “The Colliers” by Seth Lakeman, which tells the tale of the Gresford Disaster in 1934, and “Take Me Home”, a spine-tingling song originally written for the London Welsh Male Voice Choir by Edwards Hands. Songs by Sting (“We Work The Black Seam”) and U2 (“Redhill Mining Town”), will see Sing United pay tribute to the importance of the history of the British coal industry, and the often highly emotional personal stories of the people connected with it.

We’ll tell you what it’s like to “owe my soul to the company store” in the classic Johnny Cash song “Sixteen Tons”, and if would be impossible to sing the stories of mining communities without telling the tales of our region, so we will include the Geordie singalong “The Collier Lad”. The concert will see SING UNITED backed by a band of top class north-east musicians. The instrumental line up will be piano, acoustic guitar, violin, double bass and percussion.

The performance will be interpreted in British Sign Language by Cliff Lee.

Customers with Priority Booking Codes, please give the Box Office a call as these tickets cannot be booked online.

  • The performance will end at approx 9.10pm. This includes an interval. 
  • All tickets are non refundable.
  • Full price tickets £13 / Under 16s £10
  • There are no group discounts available for this production.
  • To select the 'child' price, go to the drop down box that appears under 'Your seats' once you have selected your seat(s).
  • Please note the position of the stage on the seating plan - Row A is the front, Row U is the rear.
  • The blue 'W' spaces at the front are wheelchair bays.
  • The Box Office is open weekdays 10.30am-1pm or Mon, Wed, Fri eves 7.30-8.30pm for in-person bookings or to collect tickets.
  • Tickets can also be purchased on the door (subject to availability) and collected from the Box Office from 6.30pm on the night.
  • Customers are reminded that PARKING around the theatre is limited and parking restrictions are enforced. Please park responsibly and with consideration of the local residents.

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Sing United: This Land Is Mine
on Friday 22nd March 2019 07:30pm

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